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The Earth Gazers by Christopher Potter

The race to go faster, further and higher has intoxicated man since before Icarus took to his wings.  In the 20th Century, man didn’t just take to the air, but slipped it’s confines for space.  A very select few (a total of 24 men) were able to gaze back and see our home in all it’s glory.  With The Earth Gazers, Christopher Potter looks how those men got up there and how what they felt was as important as what they saw.

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Nothing Lasts Forever

What happens when Saturday Night Live's star writer gets a shot at writing and directing his first feature?  He casts an 18 year old unknown alongside Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd and unleashes the crazy.  Nothing Lasts Forever is wonderful madness and I have to thank The Prince Charles and Zach Galligan for a great Sunday night out.

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