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Nightfall Berlin by Jack Grimwood

Tom Fox returns to action in Jack Grimwood’s Nightfall Berlin. Having survived Moscow, Fox is sent to East Berlin to escort home a British defector who has express a desire to return home. For some reason, everyone is in agreement for this. There is a memoir. What the memoir contains could derail everything in the thawing environment of the mid-80’s. For Fox, nothing so simple as bringing an old man home is in his future.

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The Face Of An Angel

When is a film about a murder, not a film about a murder?  Well, when it is The Face of an Angel.  Michael Winterbottom's new film tries to look at a murder from the viewpoint of someone looking at the people who are creating the viewpoint we consume.  Lost yet?  It is an ambitious attempt to try and get past the hyperbole and look at the impact of a murder.  And the murder they have chosen is one of the most well documented murders of our times, that of Meredith Kercher.

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