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RSC Imperium Part 1 and 2

Robert Harris' Cicero Trilogy is brought to the stage by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Imperium Parts One and Two.  In six plays, we see the rise and fall of Cicero and the last days of the Roman Republic.  Robert McCabe is masterful as the Roman orator and the cast bring the fractious world to vivid life before us.  The RSC has created a masterful adaptation of Harris' superb novels.

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A New Bond film is a special thing.  You see all kinds of people excited for something that at the best of times is plain silly fun.  With the forth Daniel Craig Bond film, SPECTRE, upon us, we have been having a bit of a golden time with our old 007.  While I had issues with Skyfall, hopes for the second Sam Mendes Bond are high.  SPECTRE has been out for over a month now and by the half full cinema I saw it in, it is engaging with the masses and raking in a fair amount of coin.  The thing is, I really can't see why?  This is a Bond film that makes no sense whatsoever and that is based against the history of a franchise where sense has never been a reliable commodity.

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Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House Of Caesar by Tom Holland

Looking back to the misty days of my schooling, Rome was one of those highlights of history lessons that appeal to teen aged boys.  The period has everything you could want to distract you from the fact that you are actually learning.  Rome, two millennia on, still thrills, delights, repulses and titillates like no other that has come since.  One thing that does slip from mind usually that the line of Julies Caesar only lasted until 69 CE, yet produced the Emperors that most spring to mind.  A decade after he crossed the Rubicon, Tom Holland (Historian, cricketer and not Spiderman) has returned to Rome to tell us the story of the men and remarkably formidable women that took up Caesar's mantle and finished the dismantling of The Republic.

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