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Climbing is one of those things that most see people look at and think "Why?"  It is dangerous, requires a high level of skill and physical fitness.  It involves being very high up with not much more than a rope, reinforced ballet slippers and a mate who you hope will catch you when you slip.  It is a truly wonderful thing.  The feeling of being on the rock, having the confidence of gripping or standing on an edge no wider than a credit card is beyond exhilarating.  I wish I was good enough to do a mountain.  Which is why the very names of the great mountains elicit awe in even people who have never even been to their local climbing centre.  Everest is the great popular mountain.

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The Keeping Room - LFF Review

The American Civil War in popular history is remembered as one of the "Good Wars".  The North fighting for emancipation and freedom, the South for slaves, cotton and molasses.  And to a greater and lesser degree, that was the case, the big picture.  The problem with any war is in the detail, there are no good wars.

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