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On Battle Scars

Half a year late, but I finally get round to writing about Battle Scars. Which is odd as it is a podcast that pops to mind regularly. Thom Tran’s chats with veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are funny, moving and, more often than not, a little shocking. Battle Scars is a podcast of the highest quality that, I hope, these few (delayed) words will hopefully get you tuning (downloading/streaming/whatever) in and have these amazing experiences stay with you. In a good, uplifting, way.

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The Night Manager and Signed Copy Giveaway

Sunday sees the BBC's take on John Le Carre's The Night Manager.  I love this book and to celebrate, I'm giving away a copy signed by the man himself, Le Carre, not the hotelier.  Here I talk about the book and how you can win this via the old Twitter machine.  A little note, this is one of my favourite of Le Carre's novels. 

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You Can Keep Your Dragons, Uthred Is Coming

It is rare that entertainment news makes me happy.  Thankfully, last week, the BBC did just that, announcing that they were adapting The Last Kingdom.  The Beeb is in an interesting place at the moment, they have huge global hits with the likes of Sherlock and Doctor Who, win Emmy’s for fun with Neil Cross and Idris Elba’s Luther and mange to keep us thrilled by the exploits of three ageing men who make poor jokes and ass about in cars on Top Gear.  But in a TV world that is being rewritten using the rules the BBC used to commission by (1985’s Edge of Darkness, 1984’s incredible Threads, 1979’s Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy and comedy like Partridge and The Royal Family to name but a few), Auntie is being left to her knitting. 

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