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Thoughts on Bond 25

With the welcome announcement of Bond 25, I default into worry at where we stand with our current Bond run.  Daniel Craig, should he return, deserves a great Bond send off.  But the corner EON has painted themselves into post SPECTRE means the wicket is rather sticky.

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Walking The Black Dog

The wall was red.  I remember that vividly.  What I could not tell you was how long I’d been staring at it.  I knew I hadn’t slept, my legs were hurting and there was a tightness in my chest.  I remember asking myself, “Self, why are you staring at a wall?”  It took a physical effort to pull myself away.  That was the only success of that night.  I started pacing about, wired yet exhausted, my brain going ten to the dozen, thinking about everything and nothing at all.  I found myself in the kitchen, face to face with my mother, who stalks these halls at that hour, who looked both worried and unimpressed.

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