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Proper Adaptation: Hap and Leonard

Rarely does adaptation work well.  Most of the time you hope for the best and accept OK.  With Hap and Leonard though, Joe R Lansdale's novels live and breathe on the small screen.  This is a look at how that transfer works so well, from the eyes of a fan on a couch in leafy Surrey, a long way away from East Texas.

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A Love Letter to Hap and Leonard

A love letter to the finest TV Show on air at the moment, Hap and Leonard.  No spoilers contained within, just an attempt to spread the joy of proper television and two towering performances from Michael Keneth Williams and James Purefoy.

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Violence and Me

Let’s be honest, I watch a lot of crap.  Most of it not overly gratifying, the majority of it cartoonish in its characterisations and all of it nothing more than a distraction.  Normally, a shoot-out, beat down or juicy murder to get the plot rolling never really fazed me in any way.  But over the last little while, a few things have been lodging in my mind.  It is really summed up in a word, escalation.  So I started thinking about what was being shown and what I was watching.

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