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The Selfie - A Rant And A Plea

When I Googled Selfie tonight, I get not one but TWO new stories about people shooting themselves while taking a "gun selfie" (is that really a thing?) and Kim Kardashian celebrating 45 million people who have nothing better to do, by posting on Instagram a selfie of her boobs.  Then there are links to various "sexy selfie" sites (that's totally a thing, apperently) and, among other things, a rather convincing 2013 article from on the very good The Atlantic site which posits Selfies Are Art.  In the article, it talks about the main Feminist arguments over the selfie as empowering and/or oppressive.  It is an interesting think piece that shows the debate over the genre itself.  Me?  I hate the damn things.  Here is why.

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My Top 7 Films of 2014

Well, as I have a reputation for punctuality, I think writing a Best Of list only a month late is gather gratifying.  2014 was an interesting year for me personally, but from a sitting in a dark room watching flickering light perspective, it was rather good. 

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