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The Allure of The Louvre

Finally get around to getting to Paris, on my final day in the City of Lights, I ventured to The Louvre.  Surrounded by incredible art and yet heart broken at how it was displayed, I found myself with an odd feeling to go with my old friend disapointment, a strong desire to return.  If only to say hello onc again to La Bella Nani.

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Four Go Mad in the South of France

Given my usual stance on the French, it may come as a surprise to some to find out I do love France.  It is a truly amazing place, almost as beautiful as Canada, just smaller and warmer.  The Bone Family holiday this year took us to the South of France, to the Languedoc and a beautiful gite in Raissac d'Aude.  We drove down there, well I drove it.  Dad had just had an op and I was determined to get him and us down there as best I could.  Paris was a nightmare.  I've never visited the City of Light and to be fair, there are other places I have higher on my list.  Given the traffic and the utter ineptitude of the Parisian driver, it has slipped a tad further down the list.

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