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The Classics - The First of The Few

When my Grandparents came over for a mammoth visit after we had moved to England, I had an old Canadian TV and VCR to watch the tapes we'd brought with us.  My Granma brought me a bunch of old movies, which is what she always did when we spent time together.  She introduced me to some of the greatest films I have ever seen and, also, that good movies do not also need to be made in colour.  On this trip, knowing me as she did, she brought me a copy of an RKO Picture called Spitfire.

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Dreading Star Wars

It is a stunning shot.  A speeder races across the horizon, a ditched X-Wing and then the Star Destroyer, slowly decaying into the sand.  As I see this for the umpteenth time, it suddenly hit me that those crashed spacecraft rather aptly sum up my feelings for this series.  Once glorious and majestic, now rotting and sinking into the sands of my youth.  This could be completely intentional on the part of the film-makers and if so, I'm very impressed by it.  You see, as with everyone my age, Star Wars defined my childhood.

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