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Thoughts on Bond 25

With the welcome announcement of Bond 25, I default into worry at where we stand with our current Bond run.  Daniel Craig, should he return, deserves a great Bond send off.  But the corner EON has painted themselves into post SPECTRE means the wicket is rather sticky.

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For The Prosecution: Skyfall

We are in the midst of Bond-fever, SPECTRE is printing it's own money and all the initial reviews have been stellar.  I've not got round to seeing it yet due to a lack time and, oddly, worry.  Skyfall related worry.  Skyfall opened in October 2013 to universal relief.  Quantum of Solace, in this writers humble opinion, is one the best Bond movies ever made.  It is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, mostly due to constraints of the writer's strike.  I have gone to some lengths on the merits of QoS in a previous blog, so, for now, I'll just get stuck into Skyfall.

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For the Defense: Quantum of Solace

This post is really based upon the following review by Mark Kermode on the Radio 5 Live show he does with Simon Mayo on a Friday afternoon.  Back in 2008 when Quantum of Solace came out, well, they both hated it and have, in the ensuing six years, repeatedly stated how much they dislike it.  Here is why I think they are wrong.

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