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Where Did You Get That T-Shirt?

One of my many foibles, and there are a good number, is that I do enjoy peoples reactions.  When I was younger I would say stupid things just to see what people would do.  At school this lead to the odd received right hook and later, some rather upset friends.  Luckily age has mellowed this silly reaction junkie.  These days, I go for t-shirts that confuse, confound and, to the right type of person, delight.

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Looking Back - Jodorowsky's Dune

It being the time of year where everyone is looking back and compiling lists, I'm struggling to do the same.  This year has been an odd one to say the least.  The opening seven months being the happiest I can remember.  Not wanting to descend into hyperbole, it was an amazing time and while the seeds for its end were being sowed, I can say without doubt that I never thought I'd find that joy in my life.  However, it's course ran, and while I wish I could have acted on a few things differently, August bought a sea change and, frankly, a measure of time to fill and wait for it to pass.

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