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Order, Order! by Ben Wright

A book that is essentially a history of political drinking and the use of various forms of alcohol in politics could turn out to be a wet weekend of nothing more than drunken anecdotes or a dry cautionary tale on the dangers of drinking.  Wright, a Political Corespondent for the BBC, walks a fine line and hits the sweet spot between the two brilliantly.  Order, Order!, while genuinely hilarious at times, is a sobering look at booze and it's affects on those who attempt to hold onto power.

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Warriors of the Storm by Bernard Cornwell

Uhtred of Bebbanburg is one of those characters that has survived a rocky road and not just in the situations that Bernard Cornwell, his creator, has thrown him into.  Now on his 9th adventure, Uhtred has survived a variety of foes, former friends.  I wrote a while ago, after the announcement of the BBC TV series of the first two Uhtred books, why I loved the series and what Bernard Cornwell's books have meant to me.  Warriors of the Storm is brilliant fun.  Bernard Cornwell knows how to tell a tale.  The pieces for the recapture of Bebbanburg, Uhtred's stolen seat in Northumbria, are falling into place and the moment we have been waiting for is getting ever closer.

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Where Did You Get That T-Shirt?

One of my many foibles, and there are a good number, is that I do enjoy peoples reactions.  When I was younger I would say stupid things just to see what people would do.  At school this lead to the odd received right hook and later, some rather upset friends.  Luckily age has mellowed this silly reaction junkie.  These days, I go for t-shirts that confuse, confound and, to the right type of person, delight.

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