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The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

We live in a world where our focus is constantly drawn East.  We see terrible things happen, our leaders contemplate doing terrible things and dropping equally terrible things in response.  We look at what we call the Middle East as a modern problem, as if our focus has only recently turned to it.  But, living in the West we forget that everything has come from the East.  While Rome was falling, the East was flourishing.  Before we worried about oil and gas, we sent gold and silver East for silks and knowledge.  We owe everything to the East.  And yet, with our minds firmly on our own importance, we tend to think of it as a dusty backwater.  The Silk Road, to modern minds, is a website on that bit of the internet you can't find when you pop it into Google.

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Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House Of Caesar by Tom Holland

Looking back to the misty days of my schooling, Rome was one of those highlights of history lessons that appeal to teen aged boys.  The period has everything you could want to distract you from the fact that you are actually learning.  Rome, two millennia on, still thrills, delights, repulses and titillates like no other that has come since.  One thing that does slip from mind usually that the line of Julies Caesar only lasted until 69 CE, yet produced the Emperors that most spring to mind.  A decade after he crossed the Rubicon, Tom Holland (Historian, cricketer and not Spiderman) has returned to Rome to tell us the story of the men and remarkably formidable women that took up Caesar's mantle and finished the dismantling of The Republic.

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