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Their Finest

Their Finest does that difficult thing of being funny about a period and reverential about it at the same time.  And above it all is Gemma Arterton.  Her performance is subtle, humorous, strong and committed.  Their Finest is one of those increasingly rare occasions where a film happily sits across generations and manages to please all.

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A New Bond film is a special thing.  You see all kinds of people excited for something that at the best of times is plain silly fun.  With the forth Daniel Craig Bond film, SPECTRE, upon us, we have been having a bit of a golden time with our old 007.  While I had issues with Skyfall, hopes for the second Sam Mendes Bond are high.  SPECTRE has been out for over a month now and by the half full cinema I saw it in, it is engaging with the masses and raking in a fair amount of coin.  The thing is, I really can't see why?  This is a Bond film that makes no sense whatsoever and that is based against the history of a franchise where sense has never been a reliable commodity.

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The Voices

As The Voices ended, I found myself sat there with a massive grin on my face.  Which was rather odd, considering that The Voices is a film about a serial killer.  Jerry (played with élan by Ryan Reynolds) is, frankly, the nicest serial killer you’d never want to meet.  Here is my review of Marjane Satrapi's surprising pitch-black comedy.


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