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Arnhem: Ten Days in the Cauldron by Iain Ballantyne

In September 1944, 10,000 airborne soldiers were dropped 64 miles behind the German lines and were required to hold the vital bridges at Arnhem. What would happen would go down in legend. Iain Ballantyne crafts a breathless look at the men on the ground and the civilians who found the war entering every room in their homes.

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Airborne by Robert Radcliffe

I have loved Robert Radcliffe's previous five novels, to the point I even read one of them as an eBook.   Radcliffe’s new tale is his most ambitious yet.  Airborne is the first of trilogy of novels telling the tale of a boy caught between countries, in search of a father and who finds two; John Frost, godfather of the Parachute Regiment and Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox.

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