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Why Sinatra Matters by Pete Hamill

We live in an age where an artist's "Reienvention" is hailed as something special, something remarkable.  Every time Lady Gaga appears in a new frock, the media goes nuts, because, that is what their readers expect.  The thing is, Madonna did it before and David Bowie did it better than all but one, the man who never really reinvented himself, but was always there, Frank Sinatra.  To my generation, he was "Old People's Music".  We knew Nancy from the constant reworking of "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" and kids today probably know Frank Sinatra Jr better for his appearances on Family Guy better than they have ever known his dad.  But through all the static and preconceived ideas, the music, THAT voice, still moves us and causes us to remember.

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