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RSC Imperium Part 1 and 2

Robert Harris' Cicero Trilogy is brought to the stage by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Imperium Parts One and Two.  In six plays, we see the rise and fall of Cicero and the last days of the Roman Republic.  Robert McCabe is masterful as the Roman orator and the cast bring the fractious world to vivid life before us.  The RSC has created a masterful adaptation of Harris' superb novels.

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Munich by Robert Harris

September 1938.  The world teeters on the brink of another war.  Hitler is eyeing the Sudetenland and is hours away from mobilisation.  In London, Chamberlain is doing everything to keep the piece.  A summit is arranged in Munich and two men travel there with plans of their own in Robert Harris' fantastic latest novel.

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John le Carre by Adam Sisman

Literary biography can be a tricky thing.  An academic writing about another academic, author or poet, can usually result in a book that is worthy and as dry as the sahara.  For some, these are wonderful books, for me, I'd rather eat one than wade through it.  In a few cases, the author's life is more interesting than their creations.  But, very rarely, do they mesh as well as David Cornwell's.

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