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The Pigeon Tunnel by John Le Carre

A year on from Adam Sisman's exhaustive biography, John Le Carre takes up his own pen to tell the stories he wants too from his life.  Entertainingly written and yet somewhat light on it's feet, The Pigeon Tunnel manages to captivate as a good Le Carre does and tell you nothing that you don't already know.  Some would call the the perfect autobiography.

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John le Carre by Adam Sisman

Literary biography can be a tricky thing.  An academic writing about another academic, author or poet, can usually result in a book that is worthy and as dry as the sahara.  For some, these are wonderful books, for me, I'd rather eat one than wade through it.  In a few cases, the author's life is more interesting than their creations.  But, very rarely, do they mesh as well as David Cornwell's.

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