About the chap writing all this...

Wimbledon, 2014.

Wimbledon, 2014.

For many years I travelled around the world thanks to being born in Canada, moving to the Greatest City on Earth and landing a job in Aviation.  Thankfully, those travelling days are in the past but they have left me with wonderful experiences.  What I am trying to do with this site is to create a positive place that celebrates the things I enjoy.  My review policy is below, but the short version is that I tend to review the things that I have enjoyed, been surprised at and have stayed with me, the good and the not so good.  As sites are ten a penny for ripping into just about everything these days, I want to try and avoid that and have a fun conversation with whomever stops by.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

All my best, Matt Bone

Review Policy:

I will happily accept requests for review consideration and Blog Tours.  Please contact me via the Contact page on this site.  Please be advised of the following:  

  • While I am happy to hear from authors, publishers, publicists etc, I cannot guarantee a review.  As stated above, my criteria for reviews are subjects that interest me and that I feel I can be positive about.  A negative review, while rare, will at all times try to remain as even handed as possible.
  • While this site is a passion of mine, the day job does cut into my reading time.  As such, dates for Blog Tours will be met, I cannot ensure timelines for review.  Nonetheless, this will be as soon as possible.
  • All books received will be mentioned via my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages and reviews will be posted on this site and linked to from those sources.
  • The books I review will state at the end that who provided the review copy, unless I purchased it myself.  All books will contain a link to the relevant Amazon page, unless otherwise requested.
  • The books I receive I do tend to add to my personal library or pass to friends who I feel will enjoy them.  ARC's and review copies can be returned if requested.
  • My reading interests include, but are not limited to:
    • Historical Fiction
    • Thrillers
    • Science Fiction and some Fantasy of the Pratchett, Gaiman, Lynch variety.
    • Mysteries
    • Crime/Detective
    • Spy/Espionage
    • Autobiography and Biography
    • Non Fiction across a wide spectrum: War, Film, Sports, Climbing, Religion, Social etc
    • Graphic Novels
    • Photography
  • Other media - other than books, Film and Gaming are passions and I will also accept review requests in this area.