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Robert Harris Conclave Giveaway

Robert Harris' new book Conclave is out now.  Having visited the Henley Literary Festival and meeting up with Robert, amidst 300 others, I have a spare copy to give away.  See the post for details and a recording of the conversation Robert Harris had with Paul Greengrass.  Yes, THAT Paul Greengrass, who was a delight.

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Violence and Me

Let’s be honest, I watch a lot of crap.  Most of it not overly gratifying, the majority of it cartoonish in its characterisations and all of it nothing more than a distraction.  Normally, a shoot-out, beat down or juicy murder to get the plot rolling never really fazed me in any way.  But over the last little while, a few things have been lodging in my mind.  It is really summed up in a word, escalation.  So I started thinking about what was being shown and what I was watching.

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